Precarious Drinking Game

Precarious is a simple but effective card based drinking game which builds social vibe and gets the party started. There's no more explaining complicated rules. It's simple, pick up a card, read it out and do what it says.


  • 50 UNIQUE CARDS - 50 creative ways to decide who drinks
  • SIMPLE - Extremely easy to play
  • BUILDS SOCIAL VIBE - Designed specifically to get the night going
  • CHEAPER - Than one jazzy cocktail
  • CHRISTMAS - Perfect stocking filler or secret santa gift


Why is Precarious Unique?

The game is specifically designed to connect a group and build social vibe. It has one simple rule, read and act. That means you don't have to memorise complex rules, you only pick up a card and do what it says! Relax and call your friends for a showdown. Precarious will do the rest for you!



Precarious Drinking Game - 50 Unique Cards To Decide Who Drinks - Party Game