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From Concept to Card Game - Devblog Part #2

Staring at the deck of drinking game cards stuck to old train tickets with sticky tape I saw potential for a great game. The drink stained cards looked like the workings of a mad man, but had successfully done their job as a pre-drink game; getting a groups vibe up ready for a night out.

I wanted to take the game to the next level. I imagined how satisfying it would be to hold in my hand a professionally manufactured deck of drinking cards. At this point I don’t even have a solid name for the game. I was flirting with ideas like "Deck n Down" and "The Best Way to Pre" but they never felt right.

The core concept of the game at this point was it's randomness and uncertainty, whilst researching synonyms for this type of descriptor I came across the word "precarious" and instantly knew I had found a winner. The word "precarious" portrays a world dependent on chance where things are out of ones control, which seamlessly summarised what the game was about. Additionally The word "Precarious" housed the important three letter link to "Pre-drinks".


The next step was to develop a brand. I reached out to contractor on and requested the creation of a Logo. The below is an extract from my requirements.

"A tight, clean and minimal logo that portrays a social fun vibe. I am completely happy for you to do your own thing. However one idea I had was something like a bird’s eye view of the game being played in a minimalist form"


As part of the agreement the designer created two logos. The first one as seen above looks cool but I felt it didn’t really fit the vibe of the game. Additionally as you can see the cards in the logo include the suites and numbers from a real deck of cards. The second logo option was exactly what I was looking for and will explore its development from there in the next blog.


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