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From Concept to Card Game - Devblog Part #3

Some people have welcoming and friendly smiles, one look at their face and you know they are probably kind and fun. Some people have a 'RBF' or in its full rendition a 'Resting Bitch Face" these faces portray a character dripping with negativity and anger. Even if they their personally is as humble and pleasant as Phillip Schofield on a relaxing Sunday, it will always be hard to overcome the initial misguided impression left by a pug like frown face.

If it wasn't clear from the above digressive analogy, I am exploring how important first impressions are. In the world of product branding a logo is often one of the first things that someone will see and it can completely influence how they see the product and company going forward.

When thinking about the type of logo I wanted for Precarious I had two main values in mind. It had to be simple and suggest what the product did. When the logo designer sent me the second design I felt it nearly met these principles perfectly. The orange drink at the heart of the logo suggests alcohol is central to the game. The circular wreath of cards flying round the drink portrays motion and excitement. It was easy on the eye and the hand written style font at the bottom implies a level of informality and 'home-made-ness' which is often a theme of drinking games.

After a minor tweak to remove the playing card text from within the drink glass, I was happy with the logo and began designing how each card would look. The next instalment of the blog will explore from this point through to having the first professionally manufactured deck.

Matt - Precarious

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