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From Concept to Card Game - Devblog Part #4

I had a cool logo, fun game cards, validation from friends and the motivation to take the game to the next stage. Despite the good progress it was still quite a leap between my train ticket prototype and a professionally produced deck. I started researching how to manufacture a card game, I emailed many companies, both inside and outside the UK. Eventually I came across a printing shop in Leeds, less than a 5 minute walk from my flat. I emailed them explaining what I was trying to do and they were helpful in providing a solution.

I then took a visit to the printing shop to speak to them in person; I thought it would be best to explain in person what I was trying to make. They came back with a quote of around £35 to do the following:

  • Convert my mock up (see below) in to a real design.

  • Convert each of my game card text in to a separate PDF page.

  • Print the deck of cards on to 85mm by 55mm business cards.

After a few emails back and forth confirming sizing, card text and layout, the go-ahead was given. About a week later I went to pick up the completed deck. This was an incredible moment for me at the time, I had always dreamed of holding a product I had made from scratch and this was it. After paying the £35, which at the time felt like a huge investment, I held the deck and it was a special moment, I remember the feeling of achievement, and excitement.

Essentially this printed prototype of Precarious was a deck of custom business cards, but it aligned to my original vision, despite the odd spelling mistake, grammatical error and unclear card instruction it was perfect for the time.

Matt - Precarious

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