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7 Things That Happen At Every Predrinks

Predrinks, the part of the night we all love and sometimes remember. Of the ones that you do remember I bet this list of occurrences is all too familiar.

1. The host's house turns in to a phone charging station.

Why is my electricity bill so high, is it the fact I forget to switch the lights off regularly? Is it because I over use the fan in summer and the heater in winter? NO, its because every man and his dog charges their phone at your house during pres. Think about it, there are some people who I swear only come to pres just to charge their phone.

2. People change the song too often.

Why is every other song separated by a Drake song? If you are in charge of the music your fingers will probably get calluses trying to queue all the song requests. Oh yeah, and there's that one guy who always ruins the vibe with slow song.

3. A glass is smashed and not fully cleaned up.

People leaving their drinks at the feet of their seats = glass kicked over. Also it's madness in the toilet when someone tries to balance their glass on top of the toilet flush tank or even that uneven bit next to the tooth brushes on the sink.

4. A deck of cards is scattered round the room.

If there's a deck of cards and alcohol, there will 100% of the time be an 'expert card thrower' in the room, thinking they are a ninja scattering cards in places you don’t clean. This is why most people find playing cards when they clean and move flats.

5. TINDER… people talk about tinder.

If you don’t have a laugh on tinder with your friends at predrinks, you are either all boring or in a relationships. Predrinks is the dedicated time of the week to discuss tinder matches, recent dates and classic tinder tales.

6. You run out of mixer.

Running out of mixer is a common 1st world problem. You either go hard-core and hit it straight, or you forage the dusty cupboard shadows looking for some out of date, flat tonic dregs.

7. Argue over which drinking game to play.

Your friend who has recently been travelling thinks they are the king of predrink games. Always trying to explain the 'best drinking game ever' that they played at Camp America or where ever. You end up playing ring of fire AGAIN.

TOP TIP : (The Precarious Drinking Game is 3.8x better than Ring of Fire)

Written by Matt - Precarious

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