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Precarious Would Make A Great White Elephant Gift!

Precarious has been chosen as one of the best white elephant gifts at, and for a good reason, because the game would make a perfect gift for the occasion, and can be enjoyed by the entire group of people at the party!

Some of you may already be familiar with the Christmas gift exchange game called White Elephant (sometimes called 'Secret Santa' in the UK). If you've never heard of it, read on, because it's quite exciting and would make your holiday party so much more fun this year!

Here's how it works: Everyone brings a funny gift to a party wrapped in a way that noone can tell what it is. After everyone has arrived and all the gifts are placed together, the host of the party draws names and assigns the playing order to all the participants. Players start opening gifts and are able to steal and swap from eachother at the same time. This creates an evening full of excitement and fun. For more info have a look at the origins of white elephant game.

Matt - Precarious

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