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Precarious Drinking Game [EXPANSION] - 30 New Cards - A Fun Party Game

Precarious Drinking Game [EXPANSION] - 30 New Cards - A Fun Party Game

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Precarious Drinking Game [EXPANSION]- More Ways To Get The Party Started!

This is the first expansion to the Precarious Drinking Game that has been sweeping across the UK's predrink scene. Everyone wanted an expansion, so here it is. AND ITS AMAZING.

The expansion has been a long work in progress which is finally here. After vigorous field testing ;)

The core of the game hasn't changed. It's still as simple as picking up a card, reading it out, and doing what it says. But now you have 60% more hilarious cards to help get the party started.

The new cards will come in a brand new box and for convenience you can shuffle them straight in with your existing deck as they will all fit in the original box.

Purchase with confidence while being protected by our Money Back Guarantee.

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If you haven't played the original Precarious Drinking Game before, below are some of my favourite quotes from customer reviews.

"I bought this as a present to go alongside some other drinking games and this is by far the favourite! The cards get everyone involved in a friendly, light hearted way and everyone who we've shown it to has loved it."

"Only received positive feedback from those I have played it with and most have gone on to purchase a pack themselves, wholeheartedly recommended by a satisfied customer ��"

"Such a funny game!! Used it for pre drinks at my 21st and everyone was asking for the name of it! Literally can't wait to use them again! A great ice breaker to the beginning of the party"

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