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Precarious Games

Precarious STAG DO PARTY GAME - 69 Unique Cards to improve your Stag Do

Precarious STAG DO PARTY GAME - 69 Unique Cards to improve your Stag Do

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★ Introducing the new Precarious Stag Do Drinking Game! ★ 

Whether you are organising or attending a stag do, this is the perfect pocket-sized party peripheral. The game is designed to get the party going and get all the attendees to meet each other. The game is a simple but effective; There's no more explaining complicated rules. pick up a card, read it out and do what it says = Have a better night. 

Why is Precarious Stag Edition Unique?

The game is specifically designed to connect a group and build social vibe.

It has one simple rule, read and act. That means you don't have to memorise complex rules, you only pick up a card and do what it says!

Put the game on the table and start playing. Precarious will do the rest for you!

♥ If you have any issues we are happy to help! ♥

The Precarious Stag Edition Game has 69 unique cards ;P each one holding a creative way to decide who drinks or a hilarious mini game. It's like Ring of Fire but 430.76% more options and made specifically for Stag Dos.


Other drinking games sometimes have very complicated rules which can drown out the fun. Precarious couldn't be simpler. Pick a card, read it out and do what it says.

Builds Social Vibe

Precarious was meticulously developed to help build social vibe. Social vibe is that thing where you are all laughing and having fun and you forget about the important things you need to do like preparing the wedding.

Perfect game for getting everyone involved

Stag Do’s often have an array of random people who’ve sometimes never met. Precarious is the perfect catalyst to kick start proceedings.


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